On-Grid Solar Systems

This is the most common system which connects your solar panel installation to the main electricity grid. Also called as the grid connect or grid tie renewable energy system, it allows you to power your houses or businesses using the solar panels while the sun is still up and then later on, lets you get electricity source from the main grid after sunlight hours. It is usually used by most residences and businesses that are within the proximity of the main electricity grid. Using the on-grid solar system, you no longer need to have generators or battery-back up systems to help you supply energy during off-daylight hours. It also allows you to feed energy back into the grid via your meter when you are not using your electricity at the time. But in net metering which NSW electricity distributors adopted after NSW solar bonus scheme, you use your energy first before you buy energy from the main grid system if the solar panel yield is less than your consumption. If the solar panel yields more than your consumption, the grid connect system can feed excess power to the grid where it is consumed by other users. In that case, you can yield revenue from the excess power by selling it to the grid. Electricity retailer gives 6 to 8 cents per kW voluntarily. You may check the links for bonus scheme and retailers for more information.


5 KW Domestic System

The 5kW Solar System has become the most common investment for households and businesses in Australia. Due to its affordable price and cost-effective price output, it has become popular to Australians and has developed into one of the most commercialized systems of solar panels. The solar panels are made from high-quality materials and the solar systems in general are highly reliable and operative. For more inquiries about this, you may contact our solar experts or send us an email.


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