Also known as stand-alone or self-sufficient power systems, off-grid solar systems are power utilities that provide electricity to households or business establishments which are far from the main electrical grid. It is very useful for residential or commercial sites located in far-flung regions where connection to the national electricity grid may be too exorbitant. It uses solar panels to charge large batteries from which power can be generated even during non-daylight hours and enables you to bring in utility power at your residences at an affordable cost.


There are several variations of off-grid solar systems. These may be Off-grid DC Solar Power System or Off-grid AC Solar Power System. DC solar power systems are used to power RV appliances, boats, cabins, farm/ranch appliances and even rural telecommunication systems. These are less expensive than AC solar power systems because it does not convert the solar power to AC anymore and simply charges the large batteries that generates the power later on. However, it has limited uses since it can only run on DC appliances. AC solar power systems are the ones which are more used by residential and commercial places as AC power can run household appliances. It is more cost prohibitive than DC solar power system because an inverter is necessary to convert the solar power to AC which can then be used to operate home appliances. The usage of electricity under AC solar power system is less costly than those usages under the main electricity grid connection.

All variants of off-grid solar power depend on the type of solar electric panels that you use and the store electricity in a bank of batteries. The use of off-grid solar systems are highly recommended to regions that are distant from the national electricity grid. However, in some situations, it is necessary to have a battery backup system in case of grid power outage.  For more information about off-grid solar systems and battery backup systems, you may call our solar experts and find out what solar system your location requires.