Hybrid Solar Systems

Another option for an efficient energy solution is the hybrid system that combines both the off-grid and grid connect systems. The hybrid system or known as hybrid renewable energy system is also a stand-alone power system that fuses two or more renewable energy source, usually wind and solar energy, to provide an efficient and balanced energy supply. It contains the feature of a grid connect system that enables you to feed off excess power to the main grid and earn from it as well as the main characteristic of an off-grid having a battery backup system, it works even if there is a black out. What highlights the hybrid system from the other two is it provides the best of both the grid connect and off-grid. A backup generator is no longer necessary as the battery bank serves as the container of the energy generated by the solar panel during the day which enables you to use the stored energy even without the sunlight. Before you feed off to the main grid your excess generated power, hybrid system allows you to fill up the battery banks first so you may store energy for future use. After storing up the battery bank, it feeds off the power to the main grid if there are still some excess left which allows you to earn Feed-In credits. It is advantageous to use because it is less expensive than an off-grid solar power system. Furthermore, hybrid systems offer the best of both worlds – generate power through the solar panels, store it for future use and sell the excess power to the main grid at your pleasure. For more information about how the system works and the benefits of installing it at your homes and establishments, feel free to contact our solar experts and they would be very much happy to help.


5 KW Domestic System

The 5kW Solar System has become the most common investment for households and businesses in Australia. Due to its affordable price and cost-effective price output, it has become popular to Australians and has developed into one of the most commercialized systems of solar panels. The solar panels are made from high-quality materials and the solar systems in general are highly reliable and operative. For more inquiries about this, you may contact our solar experts or send us an email.


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