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5 KW Domestic System


The 5kW Solar System has become the most common investment for households and businesses in Australia. Due to its affordable price and cost-effective price output, it has become popular to Australians and has developed into one of the most commercialized systems of solar panels. The solar panels are made from high-quality materials and the solar systems in general are highly reliable and operative. For more inquiries about this, you may contact our solar experts or send us an email.

Material: Stainless Steel Brand: Sub-Category: Solar Energy Power - Sub Category
Watts: 100mm Width: 123mm Height: 150mm
Depth: 58mm Amps: 225mm Accepts: 2
Warranty : Yes

Equipment 2


This is a good stuff.

Material: Stainless Steel Brand: ABB Sub-Category:
Watts: 150 Width: 123 Height: 12
Depth: 12