Why Turn Solar?
July 14,2015

Solar-powered panels have been a hit for most households and businesses in Australia today. Here are some of the reasons why:


  •      Sustainable and Renewable

 The most advantageous reason for solar energy is that it is sustainable and renewable. Sustainable meaning it can withstand human consumption even for future generations. With the energy from the sun with a lifespan of about 5.4 billion years, solar energy will be able to sustain the need for energy even after centuries. It is also renewable as it comes from a source that is naturally replenished in human timescale, such as the sunlight.


  •      Cost-efficient, low-cost consumption

 Even though solar panel installations can be expensive, they are nevertheless saving more compared to the fossil fuels that main electric companies use to provide electricity for most households and businesses. Since the source of energy is the sun, which is no cost at all, your consumption cost decreases substantially. Fossil fuels are really expensive since they are non-renewable sources while sunlight is just radiating from the sun, free of charge! Thus, households save up to as much as $100 a day in using solar panels at their homes.


  •      Silent producer of energy

 Unlike other battery-operated machines and generators, solar panels are silent producers of energy. They do not have unwanted noises while converting the sunlight into usable energy for household and business consumption. As the sunlight hits the panel surface, photons or the particles of light knock electrons free from atoms generating a flow of electricity. Since photons and electrons are atomic particles we really cannot see nor see, their conversion does not actually reach the human senses. So you can sleep and work during the day without worrying of distractions while your solar panels are at work.


  •      Healthy for the Environment

 The biggest plus to turning solar is it helps the environment become more free from carbon dioxide emissions, which is one of the root causes of global warming and climate change. Converting sunlight to solar energy does not produce any harmful emissions to our environment unlike fossil fuels and petroleum products. Adopting solar panels to households and businesses are not just efficient and saving, but also healthy for the environment. This innovation could save the future generations from the imminent consequences brought about by global warming including rapid melting of ice shelves and non-stop rains causing floods to many areas.


  •      Energy Independence

 Importation of petroleum products such as crude oil has been one of the largest expenditures of the government. Our reliance to petroleum products for energy consumption is too high that is why we rely greatly to the Arabian countries for supply of petroleum. But these countries will inevitably run out of oil, coal and natural gas in the future. While we continue our consumption of these increasingly expensive and dangerous energy source, our national security and economy suffers. Turning solar will solve this problem!