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Welcome to Blue Energy Solar, where energy matters! It is our utmost dedication to promote the use of solar energy in residential and commercial places to conserve and save electricity bills through our renewable energy solutions. With a variety of products and services we offer, from solar panels to off grid solar power systems, you will be delighted to working with us. We also provide useful information about sustainable solar energy and how it will be helpful to saving your monthly electricity bills.

More than its commitment to conserve your bills, Blue Energy Solar is also steadfast to reducing energy-related carbon emissions through its various products and services. Browse through our available products listed below to start reducing your electricity bills and help in lessening carbon emissions in our environment. Contact us through 0421 458 217 or send as an email to get a quotation for installation of solar power system on your homes or businesses. At Blue Energy Solar, generating sustainable renewable energy source is our passion!

September Solar Specials
ZERO DEPOSIT! 4KW / 5KW Our best prices ever, a zero dollar deposit payment plan, a solid performance guarantee and while generous goverment incentives last. We make installing solar panels easy.
Solar Pathfinder
Scientific analysis is only as accurate as the least accurate input. Gross errors in structure orientation, solar system sizing, collector placement, component specification, and scientific studies can result when designers/engineers fail to accurately assess shading patterns at proposed building/ecological sites. By combining the site-specific shading data of the Solar Pathfinder™ with the published global weather data, an accurate solar site analysis can be made.


5 KW Domestic System

The 5kW Solar System has become the most common investment for households and businesses in Australia. Due to its affordable price and cost-effective price output, it has become popular to Australians and has developed into one of the most commercialized systems of solar panels. The solar panels are made from high-quality materials and the solar systems in general are highly reliable and operative. For more inquiries about this, you may contact our solar experts or send us an email.


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